Sunday, December 23, 2007

Day Trips from Rome-Ostia

Ostia Antica was the port of ancient Rome. From here Roman traders would leave for locations around the Mediterranean, and traders from all over the Roman world would bring their goods here to be taken up the Tiber River to be sold in markets in Rome. Ostia was a prosperous city with all the features of a tiny Rome: an amphitheater, bath complexes, temples, markets, apartment buildings and lavish villas. Today Ostia is one of the best preserved ancient Roman archaeological sites, due to the fact that silt from the Tiber River covered it for the better part of 1500 years. Some would say that it is even better preserved than Pompeii. To get to Ostia, it's best to take the Metro line from the Porta San Paolo ("Piramide") station to Ostia Antica. If it's a particularly hot day, feel free to take the train on to Ostia Lido (the beach) after your visit to the ruins. You'll get a taste of the typical Italian beach experience-gelato, crowds, and spirited cafe life.

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