Friday, December 28, 2007

L'altro Mastai near Ponte Sant'Angelo

Tucked away on a tiny street near the bridge to the Castel Sant'Angelo on Via Giraud, 53, is a restaurant unlike the typical Roman trattoria. L'altro Mastai, opened four years ago, is innovative, unexpected, and truly a gourmet experience. The menu offers many interesting twists on Roman dishes such as hen soup with Jerusalem artichoke and braised veal with parsley sauce. There is always a tasting menu with wines to match. The wine list is extensive and offers selections from all over Italy and Europe in all price ranges. The chef often circulates around the dining room after the meal, so don't miss the opportunity to talk to him about your exquisite food. Reservations are necessary. According to Zagat, the restaurant will be moving to a new location in winter of 2008-Via delle Terme di Traiano, 4a, near the Colosseum.

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