Monday, December 17, 2007

Day and Night in Campo dei Fiori

Close to the Tiber River is a piazza known for its daily open air market. In Campo dei Fiori (the Field of Flowers) you can buy anything fresh-fruits, vegetable, flowers, even eels. It's the perfect place to pick up a snack or lunch on the go. Surrounding the piazza are a myriad of gelaterias, pizzerias, cafes and restaurants. When the sun goes down, the Campo is the backdrop for a lively Roman nightlife. The restaurants and cafes are filled with Romans and tourists, young and old, all basking in the magical light of Rome at night. Try the pasta puttanesca at Da Sergio at Vicolo delle Grotte #27.


Hans said...

Too bad I was almost dead when I was there. I could barely function mentally let alone walk. I was sick as a dog. It seems to be a vibrant node of activity though. I would've partaken in the festivities, but I didn't want to exacerbate my illness.

I truly felt I was on my deathbed while in Rome. The hostel we stayed at didn't help either. It was more like a hospice than a hostel; faded pink walls and oriental sheets which had probably been there since '95.

Excellent experience, I can't wait to go back, seriously.

Modern Traveler said...

You have to go back as soon as you can-and make sure you are healthy when you do! And maybe stay in a hotel with decent sheets. I'll make it a priority to find the best reasonably priced hotel with 1000 thread count sheets!