Saturday, December 22, 2007

Travel and Leisure: World's Best Hotels-Rome

The January 2008 issue of Travel and Leisure lists the 500 best luxury hotels in the world. On the list are 5 of Rome' s most famous and elegant hotels. If you can't stay at these gorgeous establishments, at least pop in for a cocktail or dinner. The Hotel Hassler came in at Number 1 (and nearly the most expensive) in Rome and is located at the top of the Spanish Steps. Its attractions include celebrity sightings, proximity to the Borghese Gardens, and unbeatable access to the shops on the Via Condotti. Ranked number 2 in Rome is the St. Regis Grand Hotel (a Starwood Hotel), located near the Via Veneto. The Hotel de Russie, known for its gardens, came in at number 3 and is located conveniently between Piazza di Spagna and the Piazza del Popolo. Number 4 by a hair is the Rome Cavalieri Hilton which is located 3 miles from the city center but has a lovely private park and pool (perfect for summertime visitors). Its restaurant, La Pergola, has three Michelin stars. The Hotel Lord Byron came in at number 5. This hotel is located behind the Villa Borghese, so it's best to take a cab or be prepared for a leisurely walk through the Borghese Gardens to get to the historic center.

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