Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Two Stationery Shops Near the Pantheon

The Italians are known for their paper. You can visit two cartolerias (stationery shops) on your way from the Pantheon to Giolitti's for gelato. Head north up Via del Pantheon. On your right you will find Il Papiro, a stationery shop with locations all over Italy (and now New York and Los Angeles!). Il Papiro is known for its gorgeous handprinted Art Nouveau and Florentine patterns. They also have a very charming monogram line. If Il Papiro is a little pricey for you, keep walking. On your right, when the street name changes to Via della Maddalena, you will find the Cartoleria al Pantheon. The papers aren't as unique as Il Papiro, but you can find all sorts of goods for your budget. Particularly appealing are the monogram embossers for books and correspondence.

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