Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tosca at the Teatro Flaiano

Giaccomo Puccini's most famous opera, Tosca, is now playing at the Teatro Flaiano near the Pantheon. Tosca, the main character for whom the opera is named, is a singer who commits a serious crime to save her lover. The opera culminates in a dramatic scene atop the Castel Sant'Angelo. Don't miss the opportunity to see this quintessential Roman opera while you are in Rome. In the past the opera has actually been performed on the Castel Sant'Angelo, so if you miss it at the Teatro Flaiano, you may get lucky and see it where Puccini imagined it!


Anonymous said...

"Piccola Lirica” at Theatro Flaiano is the young yard of the opera created to build in a popular context some of the major expressions of classical music and music drama of the most famous authors. The formula is original, brilliant, audacious for its programming choices as well as for the musical, directing and dramaturgical redefining of the scores

Modern Traveler said...

Thanks for the tip on Piccola Lirica. It's always interesting to hear about and see new interpretations of opera.