Saturday, February 23, 2008

Museo Centrale Montemartini-A Harmony of Ancient and Modern

Rome is a juxtaposition of the ancient world and the 21st century. Intermingled with ruins and Baroque churches are cell phones, motorini and stilleto heels. Never is the contrast more evident, and more harmonious, than at the Museo Centrale Montemartini. The museum is a former electrictricity plant which now houses an impressive collection of Greek and Roman sculpture. You will fascinated by the contrast of white marble against diesel engines and turbines. The Museo Centrale Montemartini is not to be missed! You can get there by taking the Metro Line B to Piramide. The Museum is located on Via Ostiense, a short walk from the Metro stop. Admission to Centrale Montemartini also pays for admission to the Capitoline Museums within a 7 day period.

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