Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pigneto: New/Old Neighborhood in Rome

The April issue of Gourmet Magazine spotlights a little-known neighborhood in Rome: Pigneto, just outside the Porta Maggiore (pictured in this engraving by Piranesi). In the past, Italian film directors used the neighborhood to depict a poor Italian village. Now it has been rediscovered by artists and students-and there are great restaurants and bars for you to visit. Gourmet recommends Bar Necci (Via Fanfulla da Ludi 68) for lots of movie memorabilia and the restaurant Primo (Via del Pigneto 46) for roasted pig and linguine with octopus. The April issue of Gourmet is chock full of all sorts of recipes, restaurant recommendations, and gorgeous pictures from all over Italy.


Gillian said...
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Gillian said...

I was living in Rome for the last few months while working in Pigneto and Bar Necci was a dream come true. It was absolutely beautiful to sit outside, the food was always delicious and it was all reasonably priced. Really great.

Modern Traveler said...

How lucky you were to live in Rome! What else did you love while you were there?