Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rome Builds a New Subway Line

As you can imagine, building a subway line through one of the world's most archaeologically crowded cities is not easy. The new Metro Linea C which began construction last year is expected to be completed in 2015 after years of careful research, excavation and construction. Each time they break ground, new discoveries will be made, new routes will have to be chosen, and history could potentially be rewritten. The construction of the new subway, while unfortunately resulting in quite a bit of destruction, will enable archaeologists to see what lies beneath the Medieval and Renaissance city. Read the article in April's Travel and Leisure and stay tuned for what are certain to be exciting revelations!

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StevenB said...

That sounds very intriguing. I guess I really have to make it to Rome now. At least before the whole city get all messed up.

I'm happy I found out that this is your blog...I was going to leave a comment before but if it wasn't you the person might have thought I was some psycho:D