Saturday, April 12, 2008

Town and Country Magazine Recommends: Il San Lorenzo

There are so many restaurants in Rome. It is hard to choose from among the seemingly endless choices of tourist traps and neighborhood trattorias. If you are looking for something a little more sophisticated than the standard simple Roman fare (which is actually wonderful) try Il San Lorenzo, located at Via dei Chiavari 4-5. The April issue of Town and Country Magazine raves about the moody lighting, dark wood, and contemporary art decorating the three levels of this restaurant located near Campo dei Fiori. They also recommend ordering the catch of the day-for fish is the speciality at Il San Lorenzo.


Anonymous said...

It is true that there are many tourist traps in Rome and this restaurant is not one of them. This restaurant was recommended by my hotel. No tourists here, locals business men and couples. Decor is nice, food is good. Its an expensive restaurant (which I didnt mind) located on a very small street with almost no signage. You really have to know its there. However, I would NOT recommend this restaurant for the following reason: the server/manager knew we where north american and added a 15% service charge on the 250+ euros bill (we were two). We really felt screwed has italians do not tip. This 15% was also calculated on the 10 euro cover charge. Apparently in Rome, tourists get screwed even in high end restaurants.

Modern Traveler said...

Thank you for the "tip!" It's too bad that even some expensive restaurants feel the need to take advantage of foreigners. Travel these days is costly enough without dishonest restaurateurs.