Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ways to Save Euros: Antipasti

Food in Rome is diverse, exciting, and can actually be had for a decent price, even in the most popular areas. If you are in Piazza di Spagna and are in the mood for a light lunch, head over to Ristorante alla Rampa (Piazza Mignanelli 18) for an array of antipasti choices such as fried zucchini flowers and prosciutto with melon. A large plate of assorted antipasti can be had for 9 Euros. Add a small bottle of wine and your meal (of appetizers) will be complete. Make sure you go early in the day, as it tends to fill up in the early evening. Another choice for antipasti is L'Orso 80 (Via dell'Orso 33 near Piazza Navona).

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