Monday, July 28, 2008

Convent Stays in Rome-The Cheapest Lodgings!

The Church of Santa Susana in Rome maintains an extensive list of convents that accommodate overnight visitors. A convent stay, while very cheap (think 40 euros for a double room) and no doubt picturesque, is not for the luxury traveler. Often there is a curfew and bathrooms are down the hall. But the locations are some of the best in Rome (like the Casa Santa Brigida in the Piazza Farnese, pictured) and obviously the price can't be beat. Visit the Church of Santa Susana website to find the convent that's right for you-and make sure you ask the important questions, like "Is there a curfew?" before you book!


Aussie John said...

I agree convents and monasteries are a great alternative place to stay especially in Rome. You've missed a great site which will actually make a booking for you. It would save time and stress if you, like me don't speak Italian. The site has heaps of places all over Italy.

Modern Traveler said...

Thanks for the advice! I will definitely check out the website!