Tuesday, August 12, 2008

3 Ways to Save Euros in Rome

The key to saving money on museums, archaeological sites, and transportation in Rome is to purchase "city cards" from the city of Rome. Budget Travel outlines how you can save using three different packages.
1. The Roma Pass (20 Euros) gets you into two museums/sites and discounts at various other sites and events and unlimited entry on buses and metros for three days.
2. The Roma Piu Pass (25 Euros) also offers the above perks but expands into regional trains and buses.
3. The Roma Archaeologia Card (22 Euros) gets you into an extensive list of ancient sites for seven days.
Budget Travel reminds you that many sites are closed on Mondays, so plan ahead.


Paolo said...


I just want to share another saving tip in Rome!

If you want to stretch your budget for tours, museums etc... And you are only staying a little while say 2-3 days just stay at a hostel. Most hostels are cheap and even if they're not as good as hotels, you'll be touring and be out of the room all day anyway.

For longer stays, I recommend renting an apartment. It is cheaper than staying at a hotel, you can cook your food (and save) and you can even invite friends over. Here is an example of a list of vacation apartments

Rome Vacation Apartment

I hope this helps!

Modern Traveler said...

Which listings on the website would you consider the best? It's always hard to tell from the pictures and descriptions. Also, which hostels in Rome do you recommend?