Tuesday, September 30, 2008

History Channel Airs Special on Sunken Ships of Lake Nemi

Lake Nemi, just a short drive form Rome but a world away, is a lake formed from a volcanic crater. The ancient Romans felt that it was a sacred place and built shrines to several gods in the vicinity, including Diana, the goddess of the forests and hunting. Caligula built a floating temple to Diana (perhaps) and Mussolini pried this temple from the muck of Lake Nemi. The floating temple (two ships, actually) was put on display in a nearby museum, but the Nazis burned the museum as they were retreating. The History Channel attempts to recreate this floating temple and even shares footage of the draining of the lake by Mussolini to recover the ships. Watch the show tonight at 9:00 pm, and if you miss it, it's on again at 1:00 am Wednesday, October 1st (that's also tonight!).

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