Sunday, September 14, 2008

Villa Torlonia Has Reopened

One of the most lavish of the private villas in Rome, the Villa Torlonia was closed for several years and has recently reopened restored to all its former opulence. The Villa is located to the east of the Villa Borghese along the Via Nomentana in the elegant Parioli neighborhood of Rome. The villa was redesigned in the 18th century by Marchese Giovanni Torlonia, who commissioned Giuseppe Valadier to renovate the main villa and build several outbuildings and gardens. These outbuildings included three major residences, stables, false ancient ruins, a small temple and later additions of a Moorish grotto, conservatory and tower, among other structures. Today the Villa Torlonia and its grounds, museums in their own right, house collections of stained glass, statuary, and archives from the Roman School era of painting from 1920-1940. The Villa was also Mussolini's primary residence 1925 until 1943, when it became the headquarters of the Allied High Command. The Villa Torlonia opens at 9:00 am and remains open until at least 6:30 pm year-round.

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