Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How to Swim in the Blue Grotto

People will say that the Blue Grotto on Capri isn't worth it. Well, if you don't like wonders of nature, pristine water, and ancient mysteries, then maybe it isn't worth it. But perhaps the rigmarole of hiring a boat to take you from the harbor to the grotto and then hiring another little boat to take you into the cave itself is a bit tiresome. So forget going by boat. Swim there! This is how you do it (it's best if you are staying overnight on the island so that you can leave your possessions-and clothing-at your hotel).
1. Wait until after 5:00 so that the tour boats have all left. You don't want to get run over by anyone.
2. Make sure you are wearing only your bathing suit (you can bring a t-shirt or cover-up with you for decency's sake). Maybe you'd like to bring goggles too.
3. From Anacapri find the Via Grotta Azzurra. Follow this until you reach the stairs for the Grotta Azzurra.
4. Descend the stairs (not a short walk!).
5. Make sure that the sun is still shining brightly, the tide is very low and that the seas are calm. Very calm.
6. Dive in! Swim into the cave! (Watch your head). Marvel at the magic of the light reflecting off the water and the floor of the sea.
7. Swim out. (Watch your head).
8. Splash around outside the cave as the sun goes down. Never forget this moment.
Disclaimer: The Modern Traveler is not responsible for any injuries sustained in the Blue Grotto.

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