Friday, March 13, 2009

Trattoria Baldovino in Florence

You’ve been walking all day. The line at the Duomo was brutal. You finally made it to Piazza Santa Croce where the sun is shining and the crowds have thinned. But you’re hungry. Starving. Where should you go? There are a million choices-but how do you know the difference between what’s good what’s a tourist trap? Baldovino to the rescue! Located just a few steps to the left of Santa Croce at Via Giuseppe 22 (and 22r), you will find a restaurant and wine bar that’s refreshing in attitude, decor and cuisine. At the trattoria they have traditional Tuscan dishes like ribolitta (vegetable and bread soup) and the enoteca/caffe serves countless salads-perfect for lunch. The restaurant is light and airy, the wine selection is unique, and you can’t beat the location. Baldovino is actually owned by Scottish expatriates, which explains the departure from the typical Tuscan trattoria menu and decor. Buon gusto!

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