Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Novel by Robert Harris- "Conspirata"

Robert Harris wrote Pompeii and Imperium (about Cicero), two fascinating novels that really brought ancient Rome to life. Now his latest book, Conspirata, is coming out in February, and will certainly prove to be as riveting as his last works. Conspirata is the story of Cicero's consulship and the years that followed-years rife with intrigue and ambition. Buy it now in the UK (under the title Lustrum).


Kraxpelax said...
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Molto Italy said...

I am reading Conspirata right now and I have to admit that Robert Harris has done it again! It's amazing how accurate he is-the attention he has paid to the details of that era is astounding. But it is also a very sad story, too. I liked Imperium much more as it chronicled the rise of Cicero and the triumph of democracy in Rome. Conspirata is all about democracy's end. Some passages are downright frightening.

Anonymous said...

I have just bought Conspirata it is an amazing novel,but this is just my opinion.I am only 12 years old,but yet this novel is truely a hand-gripper.
Great job!!